The Dead Always Linger Here

the personal journal of varices; this blog includes personal artwork and writing as well as the cataloging of thoughts, expressions, and pictures which attribute to my mind and let it expand to the vast reaches of unknown territory.

I have a fondness for mountains, Middle Earth, Frankenstein (the literary figure as well as the manhwa figure), and quotes from most mediums. I hunger for knowledge - I seek the truth.

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The Deep Blue Sea + Up Close & Personal requested by rinhail

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King + Faceless requested by coralines

"I never got a chance to tell you how I feel."
"Give me your hand. It’s-beautiful."

❝Full of fear in your skin and the weakness in giving in.  You are stabbed in the back but you feel no pain.  Push the heaviest doors that you can’t open.❞


❝Wash the questions off my hands.  I’m the fate in no-one’s plans.  Strike me down.  I’ll be everything I’m not.❞