the dawning of the day

the personal journal of varices; this blog includes personal artwork and writing as well as the cataloging of thoughts, expressions, and pictures which attribute to my mind and let it expand to the vast reaches of unknown territory.

I have a fondness for mountains, Middle Earth, Frankenstein (the literary figure as well as the manhwa figure), and quotes from most mediums. I hunger for knowledge - I seek the truth.

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UPDATED : O U T L A N D E R [+1x06] → A mix for the Scottish Highlands and the Starz Original Series ‘Outlander’. 

  • Outlander Titles Bear McCreary
  • Dancing Druids [unofficial] : Bear McCreary
  • Sassenach [unofficial] : Bear McCreary
  • Love Theme [unofficial] Bear McCreary
  • Amazing Grace : Celtic Legends
  • The Way Out [unofficial] : Bear McCreary
  • Scotland Goes To War : Sega
  • The Gathering [unofficial] : Bear McCreary
  • The Engagement [unofficial] Bear McCreary
  • The March Of The Cameron Men : Celtic Bagpipe Music



I talk to you as I talk to my own soul.

Feel a Fear [Eddie's Theme]

Ishiwatari Daisuke

But that gradually became a dimmer thought, and a dimmer one, as the ribs stopped hurting, having found some bracing against the pillows that kept the tape from cutting in. He wasn’t sure it was sleep, but the thoughts began to be fewer, and fewer, and he wouldn’t move, not while he’d found a place where he actually had no pain.
Invader by C.J. Cherryh

We Must Be Killers

Mikky Ekko